We believe that our generation must and has the power to achieve
the UN’s first sustainable development goal to end poverty in all its forms.

…and after ten years of hands-on research on the ground, we’ve come up with a way to help people break their own poverty cycle within 8-10 years.

Our dream is big, but we keep our approach simple:
Take a first step and just keep on going.

Curious about how it all started?

Well, our founder, Laurien Meuter, never set out on this adventure to “change the world”. But a life-changing trip to India sparked a fire inside her that simply would not go out. She decided to listen to it, roll up her sleeves, and just do something about it. She took a first step. Then another, then another.

From that one little step to today, the results are striking. A testament to the truth that with endurance, determination, and compassion, potential is truly boundless.


Our mission is to enable one million people to get out and stay out of poverty by 2030 and to inspire others –businesses, NGOs, individuals– to join us.