We have found a way to help people lift themselves out of

poverty and stay out of it

To stay out of poverty, you need a fair income.

Products with a purpose

The communities we work with can stay out of poverty because we give them the opportunity to generate an income. An income which helps them to pay not only for food and shelter but also for things like healthcare and education. As there are limited jobs available for unskilled people, let alone fair paying ones, we decided to create jobs. We teach them the necessary skills and design aesthetically beautiful products which are sold in high-end stores across the world.

Pink vase detail


Award-winning design products

Paper vases from Tiny Miracles

Paper vase cover

Sold at museum and design stores

Leather lampshade

Leather lampshade

Sold at design stores

Paper Lampshades in restaurant

Folded lampshade

For bars and restaurants

Bag with Rituals as text

Bag for Good

Made for Rituals

When design leads to growth, 
you know you’re onto something.


Our story

Lighting the fire within.

Our founder, Laurien Meuter, never set out on this adventure to change the world. However, looking back after working with two slum communities in India since 2010, the results are striking. How did she do it? “If you can’t cross the mountain, go around it.” That just about says it all. With endurance and determination, the potential is boundless.


Logic will take you from A to B.
Imagination will take you everywhere

– Albert Einstein