Tiny Miracles (B Corp™) Works Towards a Poverty-Free World and a More Sustainable Planet

Amsterdam – September 23, 2021: Tiny Miracles (B Corp™) receives recognition for its commitment to carbon-neutrality.

One Carbon World has awarded Tiny Miracles with the Carbon Neutral International Standard for its efforts in measuring, reducing and contributing to offset its carbon footprint. Tiny Miracles has also joined the United Nations Climate Neutral Now Initiative, formalizing its commitment to help achieve a net-zero world by mid-century.

These achievements are a testament to Tiny Miracles’ commitment to environmental welfare, in parallel with their social mission to help build a world where poverty does not exist. In addition, through its partnership with One Carbon World, Tiny Miracles is now in a better position to keep reducing and balancing its carbon footprint.

“Doing what we can for the planet is important in itself, but especially as the climate problem is also a social justice problem. The people who will be the most harshly affected by the climate crisis and who will also struggle the most to survive it -due to a lack of resources- are the people living in extreme poverty – the very people we are advocating for at Tiny Miracles. We’re proud to be partnering with One Carbon World to help us manage our environmental impact”, says Kyra Albano, Storytelling Lead at Tiny Miracles.

About Tiny Miracles
Tiny Miracles is a foundation and award-winning enterprise (B Corp™) that after ten years of field research has found a proven method to help achieve the UN’s sustainable development goal #1: no poverty. As a Financial Times/IFC Transformational Business Award Nominee (2020) and B Corp certified organization, Tiny Miracles is recognized globally for its solutions to major development challenges. Through their premium products and holistic get-out-and-stay-out-of-poverty programs, Tiny Miracles empowers not just the poor but also businesses, NGOs, and individuals to each play a part in co-creating a better world. 

For Press Inquiries
Kyra Albano | Storytelling Lead

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