Tiny Miracles (B Corp) Founder Declared Alumnus of the Year by the University of Groningen

Amsterdam – September 3, 2021During the University of Groningen’s Opening of the Academic Year, Tiny Miracles founder Laurien Meuter received the alumnus of the year (2020) award for the impressive way in which she supports women and their families. “The prize is an expression of both appreciation and encouragement,” the university noted. 

In the official Jury Report, jury members recognize Laurien as a source of inspiration: “Laurien Meuter represents several characteristics and values that the University of Groningen holds dear. She is a social entrepreneur who is committed to creating a sustainable society by using a multidisciplinary approach and vision… She takes international as well as local perspectives into account, is able to connect different worlds with each other and bases all her actions on inclusiveness and equality.” 

In a personal LinkedIn post, Meuter shares, “The acknowledgement of our efforts [at Tiny Miracles] today is something which gives me great hope. Hope for a future where there is much more equality, where we try to be aware of our own role we play in society… Over the last 10 years we have developed an innovative approach to break poverty cycles fast and sustainably. We are now ready to scale to 1 million people. My lessons? Less talking, more doing, and you are big enough to make a difference.” 

Laurien shares more insights in an interview (Dutch) featured in the July edition of Broerstraat 5, an alumni magazine of the University of Groningen.  

Laurien Meuter_Alumnus of the Year_University of Groningen

About Tiny Miracles
Tiny Miracles is a foundation and award-winning enterprise (B Corp) that after ten years of field research has found a proven method to help achieve the UN’s sustainable development goal #1: no poverty. As a Financial Times/IFC Transformational Business Award Nominee (2020) and B Corp certified organization, Tiny Miracles is recognized globally for its solutions to major development challenges. Through their premium products and holistic get-out-and-stay-out-of-poverty programs, Tiny Miracles empowers not just the poor but also businesses, NGOs, and individuals to each play a part in co-creating a better world. 

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