The Save Soil Movement: Laurien and Yuri Jain (Sadghuru’s Ashram) Talk

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Can you imagine a world where soil can no longer give life or cultivate food?

Listen to our founder, Laurien Meuter, talk to Yuri Jain, the Ashram of Sadghuru (yogi, mystic, and one of India’s 50 most influential people) about something really important: Soil.

Did you know that 62% of soil in India is turning into sand? In other words, more than half of their soil is turning into desert. Land that is is no longer able to cultivate food. The US has already lost 50% of its soil, while 75% of Europe’s soil that has less than the required organic content.

“By 2050, which is not a long time away, 90% of all lands will be degraded. There are even experts who are saying that at this rate, we have only sixty years of food harvest left. This is a prospect we have… 27,000 species are going extinct every year. This is all happening beneath our feet and we don’t even realize it.”

Can you imagine a world where our soil can no longer give life or cultivate food? Probably not. But we’re actually on our way there, unless we act.

Laurien asks, “Has this problem been created by humans, and can it be solved by humans? Yuri Jain talks about what the problem actually is, and also what concrete solutions available.

Right now, Sadghuru, (through Conscious Planet) is doing his part by driving 30,000 km through Europe to raise awareness about this issue and drive people to take action for our collective future. This movement by Sadghuru and Conscious Planet is called Save Soil.

 Listen to the talk and learn more by watching the video:

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