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We are always looking for great product ideas and more designers to collaborate with. We need people who can make something out of nothing. Who can think beyond traditional ways of designing products. Who get energy from looking at what is at hand and turning it into something. Or maybe have a suitable prototype lying somewhere. Who enjoy to inspire consumers through their products. To tell a story.  Who strongly believe the world can do so much better than we are doing right now. We are looking for you. Please send us any product ideas, suggestions, wild dreams or prototypes you may have.

Pepe Heykoop and women from the Pardeshi community

Our design philosophy

All our products

• Are made with the intention to create high volume
• Are aesthetically beautiful and authentic
• Avoid unnecessary harm to the environment
• Are designed to be as simple as possible
• Are (or have the potential to be) profitable
• Have the potential to be a part of a greater product line

Designs can be submitted by sending (a preview of) your
work to us by email and we will be in touch with you soon.

The best way to predict the future is to create it

– Abraham Lincoln