Rituals x Tiny Miracles


happiness can be found in the smallest of things

In this short film Laurien walks through one of the communities Tiny Miracles works with and talks to Raymond about the impact of our collaboration. Women of this community explain how much difference earning a decent salary makes and how the Tiny Miracles program helps them to become self-supporting.

Rituals has been a partner since the beginning

Rituals has been a proud supporter of Tiny Miracles since 2011.  When Raymond Cloosterman, owner and founder of Rituals, saw the endeavours of Tiny Miracles in Mumbai, India with his own eyes,  he was struck by the impact of the foundation’s work. Raymond strongly believed in the holistic approach of Tiny Miracles, centered around five key pillars:  creating awareness, healthcare, education, generating sustainable work and everyday happiness. This approach creates a true mindshift amongst the poorest people in this world and gives them intrinsic motivation to uplift themselves from their own poverty cycle.

We are now creating products together

One of the key pillars of the Tiny Miracles Approach is to generate a fair income for the people of the communities they work with. So after some years of being solely a donor, Rituals is now also one of Tiny Miracles’ partners in creating work for the people of the Tiny Miracles communities by developing durable products. In August 2019 the first product was launched with Rituals: the Bag for Good.

Bag for Good lifts up many lives

Every ‘Bag for Good’ sold lifts lives up in our communities. People get paid salaries which enables them to pay for more than food and shelter but also healthcare and education. It represents empowerment, confidence and new opportunities.

Sometimes you need to believe in miracles and
sometimes you need to make them happen.

– Anonymous