Rituals x Tiny Miracles

Girl playing with water

Rituals as donor

Rituals has been a proud supporter of Tiny Miracles since 2011.  When Raymond Cloosterman, owner and founder of Rituals, saw the endeavours of Tiny Miracles in Mumbai, India with his own eyes,  he was struck by the impact of the foundation’s work. Raymond strongly believed in the holistic approach of Tiny Miracles, centered around five key pillars:  creating awareness, healthcare, education, generating sustainable work and everyday happiness. This approach creates a true mindshift amongst the poorest people in this world and gives them intrinsic motivation to uplift themselves from their own poverty cycle.

woman with Rituals bag

Rituals as income generation partner

One of the key pillars of the Tiny Miracles Approach is to generate a fair income for the people of the communities they work with. So after some years of being solely a donor, Rituals is now also Tiny Miracles’ partner in creating work for the people of the Tiny Miracles communities by developing durable products.   In August 2019 the first product was launched with Rituals: the Bag for Good.

The impact of the Rituals “bag for good”

The Bag for Good is a  durable jute cotton bag, handmade by the women of the Tiny Miracles
communities in Mumbai, India.
Every bag produced  and sold really changes lives in a sustainable way. This bag is therefore one of the key steps in helping to break the poverty cycle of our people. This bag has provided the women who made it with  stitching skills, a steady income and last but certainly not least, self-confidence. It has given them the opportunity to create a brighter future for themselves and their families, for the first time in generations.

Tiny Miracles is currently developing more products in collaboration with Rituals.