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For the following countries, we have distributors that you can contact:

Design for Use

Hiraboshi Co Ltd

Impakt Trade GmbH

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Cool Decor Company

Vest Nordisk Design Agentur


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Resellers play an incredibly important role.

With every purchase/sale our resellers make, we are one step closer to creating self-supporting communities.

Our resellers include many museum stores as well as higher-end design and concept stores in 30 countries.

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co-designing and co-branding your products

Are you looking for a way to have your special products made with a clear and measurable impact? With our ever expanding ambition of supporting 30 communities in the next 5 years, we now offer partners with the same values and beliefs the opportunity to have co-designed and co-branded products made by the women in our communities. Our experience with the Pardeshi community making our design products has lead to a solid quality control system, where we don’t even have to check for faults anymore.

In combination with investing in the other 4 life areas, can you imagine what the impact would be of having your products made by us?


We are very proud that Rituals has been one of our main patrons from the very beginning. Their philosophy of finding happiness in the smallest of things is a seamless fit with our own doctrine of creating miracles that bring happiness to the lives of those less privileged.

Rituals and Tiny Miracles have partnered to expand the reach and wellbeing for many communities.

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