The Tiny Miracles Manifesto

Our dream for a poverty-free world is a big one, but we keep our approach simple:
Take the first step and just keep on going –one small step, one tiny miracle at a time.



Be fearless in the pursuit of your dreams.

Being fearless does not mean the absence of fear. It is the presence of fear but having enough courage to face it. Seek this courage within yourself. Dream wild and push every barrier you can to make your wishes come true.


Have faith in the promise of a better world.

Your ideas, potential, and identity have unique value to offer the world, as is the same for others. When you feel something beautiful inside of you waiting to come out, share it, but act without ego. Build and cherish connections; we are more powerful when we act as a community.



Keep your life light and humble.

You have greatness in you, but you are also part of a bigger universe. Balance the recognition of both what makes you special and what makes you small. Have a sense of humor about life and smile at the little things. Ground yourself in the present, take lessons from the past, and draw inspiration from a better future that could be.


Be thoughtful and compassionate towards the world around you.

See how everything around you lives and connects. Pay attention to quality and think twice about what you dispose of, discard, or dismiss. The way you interact with both living and material things has a ripple effect. Your actions matter, the way you interact with the world around you matters.


Remember that everything you seek in this world is within you.

“Everything you seek in this world is within you. Supreme joy blazes inside, but it is not enough merely to have an intellectual understanding of this. You have to go deep inside. The heart is your true house. It is the seat of happiness, the abode of unending love. Go there.” – Swami Muktananda