The Manifesto

Our vision for the future



We will be fearless and whithout limits just go for our dreams.

Being fearless means not the absence of fear. It is the total presence of fear with the courage to face it. Keep looking for this courage within yourself. Widen and widen the boundaries you have laid upon your life. Dream wild.


We will have faith that creativity will rebuild society.

Share your ideas, your enthusiasm and your skills. When you find joy, share it with the world. If something beautiful has to come out of you, the most important thing is a certain sense of abandon of the self – who you are has to been forgotten for a moment. There is beauty to this action – not because of the result, simply for the action. Be mindless in your action and space will be created for expressions for a new world.



Improvise. Be flexible.

Keep your life small. Keep it light. Realize that when you are totally aware, direction comes naturally, and maneuvering is light. See what is at your feet in the present and have faith that every step that you take on your life’s path is in the right direction.


Respect every single thing.
There is soul in everything.

Be innocent. See how all the noise in your head stops if you are looking at something absolutely beautiful and engaging. See how everything around you lives. Be devoted to quality. Disposability is a choice. Not a physical characteristic. Materials in itself are not evil. We are just using them the wrong way. Treat them with respect.


Everything you seek in this world is within you.

Everything you seek in this world is within you. Supreme joy blazes inside. But it is not enough merely to have an intellectual understanding of this. You have to go deep inside. The heart is your true house. It is the seat of happiness, the abode of unending love. Go there. ~ Swami Muktananda