Our holistic approach

Tackling all areas of life simultaneously


Empowering people to change their life

The five areas we focus on to break the cycle were defined along the way. Every area has a sequence in which we undertake specific activities. For example, when we start in a new community we need to explain the parents why the children need to be educated. We have to make them aware of their rights and what it feels like to be healthy. We make it mandatory to open a bank account if they want to start working with us. We organise summer camps for the kids. We teach them that it not normal to be abused by your neighbour.  We help them realise that they can take their future in their own hands.


What if you thought physical and sexual abuse by a relative or neighbour is just a part of life? Or you didn’t understand your own voting rights? When poverty is all you know, it’s hard to believe anything else is an option.

Creating stronger social awareness is the foundation of the Tiny Miracles approach. Through mandatory classes, we cover 100+ topics, touching on everything from healthy cooking and financial investments to the basics of equality and positive relationships.

An empowered mindset is a capable mindset –– and that shift is what we rally behind.


It’s true what they say: health is wealth. When people are sick or malnourished, change is less inspiring and more daunting. That’s why we work on the ground to improve the community’s health through weekly doctor visits, dentist visits, blood tests, supplementary nutrition, organized exercise programs, and addiction counseling.

Young man sitted


Knowledge is power. And power is potential. So, we prioritize education –– testing and placing children in suitable programs, offering classes to the illiterate parent population, teaching English, and providing computer access and computer classes. High school graduates can even get a university loan from us.


Getting out of poverty takes time. And money. That’s why we work to give illiterate, unskilled community members the chance to earn an income and open a bank account. We start by teaching the skills and basics of quality control. Then, we generate work for them, as well as offer them the option to come to our workplace and hire our machines to do their own sourced work. By selling our own products, we’re able to create a sustainable source of jobs for our communities. Earning money gives them the opportunity to make their own choices.


The world doesn’t need more pity parties. The world needs more joy. Our mission is serious, but it can still be fun. We always want to be considered a lighthearted companion, not a solemn imposter. So, we celebrate with our communities, often –– organizing everything from Bollywood dance lessons and karate classes to summer camps and picnics.