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The opportunity to earn a fair wage consistently is crucial for our approach to be successful

Tiny Miracles has created a holistic approach in which we tackle 5 fundamental areas of life simultaneously. This approach works like an ecosystem. The opportunity to earn money consistently is crucial for the Tiny Miracles Approach to be successful. But there are no jobs for unskilled, poor people in a city like Mumbai. Therefore, we had to create work ourselves. Laurien then asked her cousin, Pepe Heykoop, who recently graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven to design simple, yet upmarket, products. Pepe’s designs should provide work for poor, unskilled communities –– and be aesthetically so beautiful that could sell on their own, without the Tiny Miracles story.

From a design perspective we have always strongly believed that consumers should buy our products first because they like the design, secondly because of the story. In our opinion, this is the most sustainable way of creating many, many jobs.

– Laurien Meuter, Founder


Working with great brands.

We are working with some great brands like Rituals, Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, KLM, Centre Pompidou and Heineken.

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Pepe Heykoop

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