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A true design adventure

When we started designing products to make with the people of our communities, little did we know it would be such a challenge. It is really quite an adventure to develop designs which can be made by unskilled people to which the concept of quality does not come naturally.

The ‘Matka Vase’  (photo at the top. 2013) is designed using matka’s and scrap leather. Matka’s are traditional Indian watercarriers. We asked the people of the community to bring their used matka in exchange for a new one. The skinning technique is similar to that used in Studio Pepe Heykoop’s ‘Skin Collection’ (2011). Materials: used stainless steel, leather remnants and glue.

old water carriers

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

– Leonardo da Vinci

copper lamp

Copper Lampshade

The Copper Lampshade (2014) is made of bamboo slices joined by wires stripped from old electricity cables. This suspension light has been designed especially for the collaboration with the Pardeshi community who have been working with bamboo for generations. The lamp consists of 13 sides. All women working on this project can make one piece at home while running the household in the meantime. When the sides are finished the parts blend together into this atmospheric light.