Breaking the cycle

We have designed a holistic,
community based approach


from one to 1 million

Fundamental change starts at a human level

Tiny Miracles literally started with picking up one child from the street to get her educated. But soon we realised this: parents did not understand why their child should go to school in the first place. The child was malnourished. Did not bring lunch to school. Did not do her homework because her parents were illiterate. The parents actually just wanted the child to work. Seeing this happen and listening to their needs led to a realisation: if you want to help them break this cycle, a mind shift needs to take place. And they need hope and tools for a better future.

So then we started to involve the parents and later the entire community of this child. Through trial and error we have designed an holistic approach, focused on all areas of life, over the last 8 years.


We had no clear plan but were
determined: to help them create a brighter future for themselves.  The results today are fantastic.

– Laurien Meuter, Founder


Let's create Big Change together

The communities we have worked with have shown us what is possible. Now, it’s time for us to spread the wealth. There are so many people that could benefit from what we have learned. We want to empower 1 million people to find a way out of poverty by 2030. We are currently designing a tech platform from which we can scale up and reach many more. We want to team up like-minded people, foundations and companies to join us on this great adventure.