How to break the poverty cycle

In this video founder Laurien, shows the Pardeshi community and explains the approach.

Mindshift is key

Laurien founded Tiny Miracles in 2010 after she met the Pardeshi community. Initially with school education at the centre of her activities. However soon she realised that lasting change can only happen with a deeply rooted mind shift. Over the 8 years thereafter, and acting upon what was actually needed among the community through trial and error, they developed 5 focus areas. This holistic approach centred around awareness, education, healthcare, income generation and fun became the foundation on which all our activities are based.

Group of girls having fun

Becoming self sustainable

Merely focusing on 5 areas is not enough to keep people out of poverty and become self sustainable. People need to be able to earn an income. An income with which they can afford to pay for a self-sustainable life.

An income which we call income ‘The Right Way’. For this reason, we made a shift from being purely a foundation to becoming part social enterprise.

After years of figuring out what really works, and combining this with market trends, Tiny Miracles today solves the challenges of poverty with an unconventional approach.

Sourcing products The Right Way

We require our partners  to source and produce their products ‘The Right Way’; paying women enough to afford all activities and items derived from the 8 year research under our 5 pillar approach: awareness, education, healthcare, income generation and fun. This translates for example into activities like skills training, hygiene, health, education, savings, community fund contributions, pensions, celebrations and self-improvement. This in contrast to the status quo of lowest level labourers in emerging economies who are only able to afford food and some clothes, leaving kids uneducated and families unable to escape poverty. Then the poverty cycle continues forever.