What is Tiny Miracles' approach to ending unnecessary poverty?

Our holistic approach

Here's how it works

  1. We identify communities living below the poverty line and form a good initial relationship with community leaders
  2. We collaborate closely with locals to understand their needs, listen to their dreams and gain their trust
  3. We open a Tiny Miracles studio within the community
  4. We roll-out both phases of our “Get Out and Stay Out of Poverty” program simultaneously

What is the 'Get Out and Stay Out of Poverty' Program?

Empowering people across all areas of life

GET OUT (Community Development)

Tiny Miracles offers different opportunities across five key areas: (1) Social Awareness; (2) Education; (3) Healthcare; (4) Work Skills Training; and (6) Celebration. We fund this phase but lower individuals contributions in proportion to their own salary, once they start earning it (in the “Stay Out” phase). The closer they are to becoming self-supporting, the less funding we offer them.

STAY OUT (Income Generation)

The sixth key area we focus on is Employment. We offer jobs opportunities but also coaching, where we help individuals understand and execute their responsibilities (saving money, sending kids to school, etc.). In this phase, people become self-supporting. They reach a point where they don’t need financial support from us anymore. Tiny Miracles partners with consumer brands to create good jobs (e.g., sewing, manufacturing, supervising) for the people in our communities.

Social Awareness.

Phase 1: Get Out

When a life in poverty is all you know, your social awareness is extremely limited. It’s hard to believe anything else is an option. That’s why creating stronger social awareness is at the heart of our approach. We explain to the parents why children need to be educated. We help them understand their rights as voters, women, and humans. We introduce them to what it feels like to be healthy. We make it mandatory to open a bank account if they want to start working with us. We teach them that it’s not okay to be physically or sexually abused by anyone.  We help them realise that they can take their future in their own hands.

The classes we offer cover 150+ topics, touching on everything from healthy cooking and financial investments to the basics of equality and positive relationships. An empowered mindset is a capable mindset, and that shift is what we rally behind.


It’s true what they say: Health is wealth. When people are sick or malnourished, change is less inspiring and more daunting. No one can thrive when their health suffers. That’s why we work to improve the community’s health by arranging and funding weekly doctor visits, dentist visits, blood tests, supplementary nutrition, organized exercise programs, and addiction counseling.


Phase 1: Get Out

Tiny Miracles offers different school loans, after-school tutoring, and extra-curicular activities for kids. Our support includes help with testing and placing children in suitable programs, as well as offering classes in English, computer skills, and traditional art. For adults, we also help out by counseling them on the importance of education and offering different classes (specifically for illiterate adults).

Our aim is to make sure everyone in the community – young or old, literate or illiterate – understands their right to education and has fair access to it.

Work Skills Training

Phase 1: Get Out

Getting out of poverty takes time. And money. That’s why we work to give illiterate and/or under-skilled community members the chance to earn an income and open a bank account. Work skills training is a crucial step for them to eventually find decent jobs and become self-supporting (in the “Stay Out” phase).

The work skills we teach include training in sewing, folding, product manufacturing, and the basics of quality control. We make sure that these skills are useful even if they decide not to work with Tiny Miracles, but with other available opportunities.


Phase 1: Get Out

The world doesn’t need more pity parties. Pity is definitely the last thing that people living in poverty need. Instead, what they need are more opportunities. More joy. More inclusive and supportive environments that allow them to thrive, and yes, to enjoy life. Tiny Miracles always wants to be considered as a light-hearted companion, not a solemn intruder. So, alongside the practical stuff, we celebrate with our communities. We organize things like summer camps for kids, Bollywood dance lessons, karate classes, picnics, and even parties. We believe life should also be fun.


Phase 2: Stay Out

Good employment is a vital part of empowering people who are living in poverty. We understand a “good” job as something that does not just pay fairly. It’s also something that offers a safe and welcoming space for people to socialize, develop confidence, grow as an individual, and feel valuable. Tiny Miracles strives for this atmosphere in all our studios.

How do we create these jobs? We partner with consumer brands who want to manufacture their products in a better, more ethical way. Brands who want to make real, lasting and positive impact in society. Businesses place orders with us to make things like bags, jewelry, interior design items, and many more items. In the end Tiny Miracles helps them to create products that their employees and consumers love, and at the same time they help us create life-changing opportunities. Everybody wins!