Life is a series of
thousands of tiny miracles


Tiny Miracles is an Amsterdam- and India-based foundation and social enterprise (B Corp) with a deep-rooted belief that our generation must and has the power to solve poverty. After ten years of hands-on trial-and-error on the ground, we’ve developed an innovative and proven approach towards achieving our mission. A mission to enable one million people to get out and stay out of poverty by 2030, and to inspire others – businesses, individuals and NGOs – to join us.

As a foundation, we work closely with local communities to empower them across six key dimensions of life: Social Awareness, Healthcare, Education, Skills Training, Life Celebration, and Employment. As a social enterprise, we use our products and brand partnerships as a means for not only creating jobs for people to lift themselves out of poverty, but also for inspiring businesses and consumers to join us in taking small steps towards big social change.

Origin Story

Tiny Miracles was founded by Laurien Meuter after a life-changing trip to India opened her eyes and heart to the harsh realities of poverty. Fascinated by the question of what really blocks people from lifting themselves out of poverty, Laurien spent many hours with people living in the slums of Mumbai. Then, in 2010, she decided to simply roll up her sleeves, quit her banking job, and start Tiny Miracles alongside her cousin and Dutch designer, Pepe Heykoop, and a fantastic partner they found in an Indian woman named Grace.

After more than ten years of hands-on trial and error on the ground, Tiny Miracles has developed an innovative approach that empowers people to break their own poverty cycle while at the same time inspiring businesses, NGOs and individuals to co-create a more equal world.


Big change starts with small actions.
Take the first step.